Dike-New Hartford Dollars for Scholars

Dear Alumni and Members:

Dike-New Hartford Dollars for Scholars is an affiliate chapter of Scholarship America that seeks to expand access to higher education for students of the DNH Community Schools. Every year, volunteers from the community and the student body work diligently on multiple fundraising events in order to provide much needed scholarship money for our graduating students. It has become increasingly more difficult as time has passed to raise scholarship funds for our outgoing seniors. Due to increasing education costs, we as a group are looking to develop a fund in order to ensure the longevity of this program. Throughout the last year we distributed over thirty-three thousand dollars in scholarships to DNH graduating seniors which was made possible by the boards fundraising, endowments, and donations.

We are asking Alumni and Community Members to lend a hand in this annual fundraising effort. As college expenses are growing, we are aiming higher and would appreciate your help. Therefore, starting in August of 2016 we are asking for tax exempt donations to this organization. We have formulated several levels of donations for Friends of DNH Dollars for Scholars, they are as follows:

    •    Freshman level: $10.00-$49.00 annual donation
    •    Sophomore level: $50.00-$99.00 annual donation
    •    Junior level: $100.00-$199.00 annual donation
    •    Senior level: $200.00-$299.00 annual donation
    •    Undergraduate level: $300-$399.00 annual donation
    •    Masters level: $400.00-$499.00 annual donation
    •    Doctorate level: $500.00 and greater annual donation

“Like” us on Facebook and while you are there, read some of the thank-you letters from our former students and see what events we have planned throughout the year. We will keep an updated annual list of Alumni and Members of the Community who donate to this important organization on both our website and Facebook page. 

We will continue to try to reach as many alumni as possible, but would appreciate your help in keeping us updated with email and mailing addresses of friends, children, or parents of alumni. It will cost us a stamp to reach them, but will cost you nothing to give them this opportunity. Even a small donation will go a long way in helping our graduating seniors further expand their education.

Your legacy gives DNH graduates a step toward their future!


Members of the Board of Directors and all Students (Past and Present)

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